Facebook is currently the largest, most actively engaged, social networking platforms in the world. There are nearly 1.19 billion active Facebook users who use approximately 20 billion minutes per day and share an average of 4.75 billion items daily.

This is both good news and bad news for businesses. Good news because Facebook ads have become a Haven for social media marketers, offering the largest advertising platform that allows your brand to zero in on its target audience. The bad news, however, is that businesses who lack clever marketing strategies and fail to tap into their key Facebook analytics and advertising metrics on time are likely to be lost in the sea of millions of businesses similar to theirs.

While knowing your target audience and creating a page for your business on Facebook is easy, the key to successful marketing lies in reaching out to engage the audience and then keeping them captivated. Even the savviest of marketers can find analyzing Facebook insights a bit challenging but a deeper understanding of this ultimate content sharing platform can benefit your business and help you in capitalizing on building a competitive company page.


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Uncover the Marketing Gold in Facebook Analytics

Dive into the deeper realms of Facebook analytics with me and receive bounty of information on how to engage your audience with compelling content by creating a stronger persona and maximize your sharing strategy by gathering initial as well as long term insights.

For marketers who greatly depend on web insights as their only source of business analytics knowledge, I urge you to look beyond the ordinary levels and dig deeper. I understand that abundance of data can be overwhelming which is why I intend on guiding you to identify key data through Facebook page analytics tool and dig into the pure marketing gold mine!

This comprehensive Facebook insights guide aims at walking you through the essentials of Facebook Insights tools and showing you how imperative it can be for your business. In this guide for Facebook insights I give you specifics of this amazing analytical tool and show you how to use this powerful tool to gauge the performance of your marketing efforts, uncover competitive research and create actionable strategies using the insights and data received.


Why More Businesses Are Relying on Facebook Analytics Tools?

There are over 15 million brands and companies on Facebook, and with these numbers increasing daily, reaching out on Facebook not only continues to get harder but also ensures a lot of competition for your business page. Facebook Insights has long been valued by successful marketers as a data source that helps them drive strategic marketing decisions.

Facebook Insights is a free analytics tool for those wanting to track core user interaction on their Facebook business page to make informed decisions for better page performance. With easy to navigate charts and dynamic graphs, it offers advance filtering features along with basic analytical ones to help businesses benchmark their goals and compare data for better performance on Facebook.

Overall, Facebook Page Analytics is helping businesses in:

  • Generating product awareness
  • Increasing traffic and sales
  • Understanding page performance
  • Building loyalty and customer relations
  • Benchmarking goals and data comparison
  • Improving reach and audience engagement

Dissecting Facebook Insights: One Key Analytics at a Time

Your Facebook page is your brand’s persona that customers use to learn about and engage with your business. If you have a business page with over 30 likes, you will be able to access Facebook Insights by going to your Facebook page and selecting Insights option at the top of your page.

facebook insights

Here you can view your Facebook page analytics that provide you with the following insights:

  • The demographic and behavioral data including
  • Increasing and decreasing volume of page likes
  • Weekly post reach
  • Number of fans
  • Active Audience Engagement
  • Shares and page clicks

Facebook analytics tools also gives you the leverage to Export Data in readable formats (by clicking on the option in the top-right corner) in the Overview section and viewing your business page metrics by clicking on the sections give in the left column of the page.

Some key measurable metrics that Facebook insights provide are:

  • Page Likes: Number of new likes and unlikes
  • Page Reach: Unique views, impressions and posts performance
  • Key Engagements: Page clicks, reactions, comments and shares
  • Demographics: Gender, age, location and language of the audience
  • Actions: details regarding various posts engagements
  • Other Specifics: Regarding events, videos and messages

Get to Know Your Facebook Analytics Tool

Facebook analytics tool has grown at a rapid pace and has become an indispensable part of social media marketing strategy creation worldwide. No matter what type of business you run, the flexible platform of Facebook allows you to fit it into any company’s budget and time constraint. With more social media marketers switching from the traditional advertising to virtual promotions on cyberspace, companies that wish to stick around for long make Facebook an essential part of their marketing campaign.

 9 Essential Facebook Analytics KPIs to Monitor

Analytics for Facebook Insights gives you a simplified yet in-depth look at your company’s page performance, making the process of analytics and data measurement as streamlined as possible.

The main Facebook Insights dashboard page gives you a high level overview of your company’s page performance. From audience information to customer reach and competitor analysis, Facebook Insights provides you quality information at your fingertips.

Here are some key KPIs that will give you measurable insights for better marketing strategies:

1. Page Likes

One of the most popular feature that measures a Facebook post or page’s popularity is the amount of ‘Likes’ it receives. This feature is placed right under the Overview tab in the left column of the Insights page.


facebook insights metrics


Total Page Likes

Here you can view the growth and decline of ‘likes’ on weekly basis or select a specific range of dates to view data. This section gives you the number of followers or fans you have on your page. Hovering your cursor over the graph will give you the number of likes for a specific date. This data can help you in understanding what clicks with the audience and allows you to reevaluate your Facebook marketing strategy.

Where Your Likes Happened

This section further breaks down the number of likes your page received using multiple data points, including the following:

  • Facebook Ads – Users who saw your Facebook page Ad and liked your page
  • Page Suggestions – You must have seen these appear in the News Feed. This occurs when someone follows you based on the interaction one of your friends has with that page
  • On Your Page – Number of users who visited your page directly
  • Searches – Users who specifically searched for your page and liked it
  • Uncategorized Mobile – Likes received using a mobile devices that is not categorized
  • Uncategorized Desktop – Likes received using a desktop devices that cannot be categorized

Why is this Important?

This breakdown of vital information can typically influence your future social media marketing strategy by determining the categories where you succeed or lack. You can also sort out who UnLiked your page and view what drove them away. These crucial stats will help you avoid content that can possibly drive away potential audience in the future.

Net Likes Received

The graphical representation under this heading shows the total number of likes received. These include Organic (unpaid) and Paid likes (through Facebook Ads). You can also see the amount of unlikes and while there is nothing wrong with receiving a small number of unlikes, the overall spikes and dips of the trends overtime will allow you to analyze and correspond your marketing strategy accordingly.

facebook insights guide

2. Post Virality

Just below the main Overview charts you will see the posts and view details about their virality. This is helpful in measuring the success ratio of a certain post or a video that you might have shared on your page.

facebook analytics tools

Post virality gives you a better understanding of the kind of content that captivates your audience and helps you increase your traffic and improve branding accordingly.

The posts are sorted under the following tabs:

  • Published: Publishing date of the post
  • Title: Published post title
  • Type: Video, content or other type of post
  • Targeting: Target audience, whether public or private
  • Reach: Total audience that viewed the post
  • Engagement: Unique number of people who liked, commented, shared or clicked the post


3. Reach

This section gives you an insight into your total page reach or impressions. It applies to both followers and non-followers of your page. You will be able to see and compare your reach in terms of organic and paid. Through this, Facebook marketers are able to determine the number of unique people who view their Facebook posts over time and check the highs and lows to gain an understanding of the virality of certain content.

facebook post reach

  • Likes, Comments and Shares

Page Reach lets you to view trends related to audience reactions, comments and shares on various posts and create benchmarks to compare developments over time.

  • Hide, Report as Spam and Unlikes

This particular data analytic feature identifies the various roadblocks that your business page might face, for instance, posts that the audience preferred to hide, unlikes to your page or when users hide all your posts and report your page as spam. The last one can have serious consequences and must be taken note of.


4. Page Views

This section specifically deals with the number of visitors that directly visited your company page, whether for business purposes, to provide reviews, research information regarding your company or any other that must be deemed valuable.
Facebook page analytics also gives you the options for gaining detailed data regarding number of page visits and various other tabs that customers might have used to gain information.

Page Visits

Analyze the weekly, monthly and quarterly activity of your visitors by specifying start and end dates to review changes over time. You can view the sections of your page and the number of times these were visited and compare this information to create better marketing strategies for your Facebook business page.

facebook analytics tools

External Referrers

This shows you the various visitors and sources that referred your company’s Facebook business page. These can include your own website where you have the Facebook page link, search engines or other prominent websites and blogs.

facebook external referrers

5. Comments on your Facebook Page

Your basic rules of engagement lie in the All Posts section right under the Posts tab. Click the drop down menu to select ‘Posts Likes, Comments and Shares’ and choose an engagement rate from this menu for each published post. Facebook analytics adds the number of likes, shares and comments on a post by dividing them with the total number of people who viewed the post to give you the crucial metrics of your post reach and engagement.

You can sort out posts by its likes, comments and shares by clicking on Engagement and selecting an option. Your main attempt here should be to create content that compels people to interact and fulfill the basic rule of engagement. If a person views your post but doesn’t react or comment, then Facebook automatically reduces the number of times that post will appear on his/her News Feed

6. Facebook Post Analytics

The Posts tab is right under the Page Views’ and Action on Page’ tab. This section lets you learn when your fans are most active, what type of posts they respond to and analyze competitor pages.



facebook post analytics

It is further breaks down the performance of individual posts and pieces of content as:

  • When your Fans are Online – based on weekly stats this tab lets you recognize the specific content and the best calculated time to post content according to the time your audience is online.
  • Post Types – shows top performing content based on content type, its average reach and engagement with audience.
  • Top Posts from Pages you Watch – lets you monitor all the pages you follow including competitor and similar business pages to give you a better understanding of the type of shared content your audience prefers.

social media analytics

7. Facebook Analytics for People

The People tab gives you information regarding the most important component of your business: your customers and audience. This section further splits the community you engage with in the following sections:

  • Your Fans – Lets you easily determine the demographics, including gender, age, location and language, of the people who liked your company page
  • People Reached – View who has seen you posts by the same demographics mentioned in Your Fans section and analyze if you are reaching out to your targeted audience
  • People Engaged – View a breakdown of audience engagement with your posts based on country, city and language
  • Check-ins – Companies that have a physical location can make use of this feature by allowing visitors to check-in online when they arrive at their physical store and in doing so gain customer loyalty. Under this section you will also be able measure the impact of social media on sales, view where the people who checked in to your store are originally located and their gender etc.

facebook analytics

8. Pages to Watch

One of the most valuable features to watch out for in your Facebook analytics dashboard is the ‘Pages to Watch’ tab.

You will have to add at least 5 competitor pages to your watch list that you want to monitor. Facebook gives you step by step instructions of how to create a watch list. Once the pages are added, Facebook analytics tool starts ranking all the pages, including your own based on total page likes, number of weekly posts and the number of weekly engagements. This gives you an overview of where you stand against the competition and lets you know where to step up your game.

facebook pages

Just remember, that only once you have a 100 fans on your company’s page, you will be able to create a list of Pages to Watch and compare their performances.

The best part about having a Watch List is that as soon as you notice a spike in any competitor’s fan base, you can visit their page to check out what they are doing differently and maybe even replicate their trends or content updates.

9. Suggested Pages to Watch

Based on your audience’s interactions and your past choices, Facebook automatically suggests pages for you to watch and add to your Watch List. This feature allows you to broaden your horizons and compete with other brands showing up in your customers News Feed. The best part is that even after you add these suggested pages to your list, they will not know you are watching them.

This feature is a meaningful tool for Facebook marketers who want monitor competitors in stealth mode and provides you with several other important metrics including number of fan interactions, number of posts published and top performing posts of your watch list.


Facebook Analytics Tool gives you a plethora of information that can play a key role in your company’s growth. It allows you to effectively analyze data based on your content performance and social media efforts on Facebook. With the help of this Facebook insights guide I have tried to cover some of the most essential ones.

But what about other social platforms? Is there any tool that can give you the power to monitor all your marketing campaigns from a single platform? Because sometimes all you need is a quick and simplified overview of your collective social media campaigns to create optimized future marketing strategies with the help of customized social media dashboards.

Is your business taking advantage of Facebook analytics? How important is the role of Facebook insights tools in shaping your social media marketing strategy? Are there are other KPIs that you think are important and not covered in this Facebook insights guide? Do let us know in the comments below.

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