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Turn Excel And CSV Files Data Into KPI Dashboards With Vizdum

Vizdum turns complex KPIs, metrics and other piece of useful business data into simple dashboards without coding or technical expertise.

Data visualization software


Develop simple and clear visualizations directly from your spreadsheet data

Analyze data and performance KPIs with Vizdum data dashboards


Compare your business data in one place and mark key changes to review

Feel free to target your objectives and work confidently to achieve them


Feel free to target your objectives and work confidently to achieve them

Collect data from different KPI dashboards


Fetch data from around 20+ cloud services and create appealing KPI dashboards

Business Insights from multiple business data dashboards


Share with your team to keep your colleagues up to date from one spot

Set business goals based on business KPIs


With a data-driven culture, work around analytics that matter the most

Dashboards That Live On The Wall Of Your Workplace

With Vizdum, tracking your most important business data without even looking deep into your excel and CSV files is now possible. Here you are a few clicks away form design custom dashboards by using your spreadsheet data to keep a track on how your business is performing every day.

It provides you the ultimate data visualization options so you can use the information that you already have hidden in your excel and CSV files to build bar graphs, leaderboards, pie charts, funnels, and much, much more. Vizdum assists you in pulling in any required data within minutes, meaning you get quick business updates as and when information becomes available.

Our designs, based on widgets, allows you to mix data from multiple services into dashboards with every single important component of your data clearly visible, making it easier for you to share your business performance with your team with convenient sharing options. For instance, sending URLs or snapshots and even to adding an extra security through password protection is now just a few clicks away.

Custom Business dashboard for spreadsheet data

Soon you will be able to add SpreadSheet Data from

Business data dashboards for KPI analysis
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Vizdum - The ultimate data visualization and analytics software

Greg Wenzel


Vizdum is truly a one-stop analytics solution for us; it has allowed us to integrate multiple sources of data in one-place, we can track our ROI in real time and make decisions to optimize our campaigns.

Ryan Bukevicz


Looking for an all-in one dashboard solution for Affiliate marketers, look no further! Vizdum’s focused integrations for Affiliate marketers are second to none.

Jamie Wedow


With Vizdum, we’ve been able to understand data like never before. This helps us with our day-to-day activities and lets us make decisions backed with quantifiable data.

Steve Sam

Independent Online Marketer

The beauty of Vizdum is that it allows us to make decisions in real time. This helps us keep a check on every marketing dollar spent in real time!

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