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Vizdum Real Time KPI dashboards Features

Connect All Your Key Metrics

Vizdum turns complex KPIs, metrics and other piece of useful business data into simple dashboards without coding or technical expertise.

Service Integrations

Service Integrations

Import data from a range of services and databases you use every day.

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Intelligent Business Solutions by Vizdum

Vizdum Solutions

Guide for companies from every market whether startups or business giants.

Our Solutions
Connect Spreadsheets

Connect Spreadsheets

Convert dull Excel or CSV data into presentable and easy metrics.

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Flexible Push API by Vizdum

Flexible API

Include proprietary data to dashboard with our API or pull in data using JSON.

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Easily connect to all your data in minutes


Vizdum lets you make better business decisions by drilling deep into your KPIs

Vizdum Process


Create powerful visualizations, customize data the way it makes sense to you


Share dashboards instantly to promote a data-driven culture

Cloud secured business dashboards solution

100% Secured Cloud

A cloud-based SaaS service designed to work out of the box from behind firewalls and proxies. Vizdum is hosted at the world’s leading data center provider AWS which offers high-tech and reliable data centers.

Business dashboard templates

Pre-Built Dashboard Templates

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but we have pre-built dashboard templates for you. Create customized dashboards for the services your use everyday or import data usuing API or CSV files.

Setup is simple and swift!

Intelligent Widgets

Pull data from popular services like Facebook, Google, Mailchimp, Clickbank and many more using pre-built widgets.

Select a service, choose a widget and a configuration and you are all set to proceed.

Intelligent widget business integrations
Custom Data Import via API or CSV

Custom Data Import via API & CSV

Get your data via API or CSV. Vizdum enables you to push data to widgets from any external system.

The data gets converted into beautiful business insights right on your Vizdum dashboard.

Fully Customizable

Give your dashboards, a touch of yours.

With Vizdum’s customizable and visually appealing dashboards, you get all the tools to improve your performance including the drag and drop option.

Customized business dashboard solution
TV Mode

TV Mode

Vizdum comes with great-looking dashboards which you can also set up on TV screens around your office(s) locally or worldwide, wherever your employees happen to be.

This will help you foster better decision making and create a data-driven culture at your workplace.

Smart Sharing

Get your teammates in the loop and share your dashboards with them to align objectives and have constructive discussions.

Manage access and permissions for multiple users and get fast results.

Smart Sharing
Audit Trails

Audit Trails

Vizdum provides you with detailed time stamped records of your dashboard creations and user access information.

This helps you to stay on top of your data access and security at all times.

Navigator View

Dig deep into the most important KPIs for your successful business operations.

Zoom into specific time interval metrics using built-in filters or create your own with widgets.

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Vizdum - The ultimate data visualization and analytics software

Greg Wenzel


Vizdum is truly a one-stop analytics solution for us; it has allowed us to integrate multiple sources of data in one-place, we can track our ROI in real time and make decisions to optimize our campaigns.

Ryan Bukevicz


Looking for an all-in one dashboard solution for Affiliate marketers, look no further! Vizdum’s focused integrations for Affiliate marketers are second to none.

Jamie Wedow


With Vizdum, we’ve been able to understand data like never before. This helps us with our day-to-day activities and lets us make decisions backed with quantifiable data.

Steve Sam

Independent Online Marketer

The beauty of Vizdum is that it allows us to make decisions in real time. This helps us keep a check on every marketing dollar spent in real time!

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