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Executive Dashboards

The Power to Gain Unprecedented Reach with Executive Dashboards

A dashboard can become a powerful tool in the hands of an executive who understands the importance of centralizing data and knows how to present complex information in a more digestible format.

Whether you need follow up on your business’s financial KPIs, require a high level overview of team performance, need data regarding campaign progress or want to monitor sales reporting, Vizdum’s customizable Executive Dashboards lend you the technology to make it all happen from a single platform!


Feel Your Business Pulse in Real Time

We understand that as a business executive you hardly have time to sift through pages and pages of reports which is why we bring you an executive dashboard that allows you to customize it according to your needs and requirements. Vizdum’s Executive Dashboards use cloud-based technology that connects you to your cloud services on the go so you can view data in real-time, allowing you to stay up-to-date on your business matters no matter where you are. Not just that, but its automatic update feature helps you save time and money while greatly reducing the workload.

dashboards for business executives
powerful data dasboards for executives

Instant Access to Core Business Metrics

Extracting key metrics regarding your business’s fiscal health and enhancing risk-reduction just became 10 times easier! Our executive dashboards are built for interaction so you don’t need to be a programmer to format data when using them. Vizdum lets you drill down and analyze essential metrics of your business data while running multiple campaigns and displaying key data in presentation ready reports.

Stay in the Know as You Go

Now you can easily measure up complete business metrics and deliver quantifiable ROI in a few clicks. Vizdum’s interactive executive dashboards facilitate you to view all revenue driving business data in an easy to understand view on a centralized platform. The sheer simplicity of the drag and drop feature of our executive dashboards lets you pick the metrics you want to display and gives you the power to create visually appealing charts and graphs. These reports can be easily shared with clients and team members on various access levels and are bound to improve the performance of your business dramatically.

Executive Dashboards Examples And Templates

Vizdum has tons of other features including:

100% Cloud

Cloud-based SaaS designed to work from
firewalls and proxies.

Dashboard Templates

Create customized dashboards for the
services your use everyday.

Insight Mashups

Pull data from popular services like Google
and Facebook using pre-built widgets.

TV Mode

Automatically rotate one or more dashboards
for your big screen monitor.

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Vizdum - The ultimate data visualization and analytics software

Greg Wenzel


Vizdum is truly a one-stop analytics solution for us; it has allowed us to integrate multiple sources of data in one-place, we can track our ROI in real time and make decisions to optimize our campaigns.

Ryan Bukevicz


Looking for an all-in one dashboard solution for Affiliate marketers, look no further! Vizdum’s focused integrations for Affiliate marketers are second to none.

Jamie Wedow


With Vizdum, we’ve been able to understand data like never before. This helps us with our day-to-day activities and lets us make decisions backed with quantifiable data.

Steve Sam

Independent Online Marketer

The beauty of Vizdum is that it allows us to make decisions in real time. This helps us keep a check on every marketing dollar spent in real time!

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