Business metrics monitoring provides companies with real-time and end-to-end view of business processes and campaign management, enabling them to detect business problems and identify issues. Business KPIs are critical for monitoring the health of a business as the data they provide offers immediate actionable information and insights into the business operations or possible opportunities.

A business dashboard is an irreplaceable tool which is imperative for measuring a company’s performance, well being and expected growth. Yet, sadly, many companies around the world are struggling to monitor critical business metrics and are unable to properly analyze the collected data. The solution? Business intelligence dashboards. Which turn data instantly into digestible analytics which provides better visibility, understandable at a glance.


How to Discern the Business Dashboard that works for your Company?

A business dashboard distills data sets into simplified insights with easy-to-understand visualizations to help you address your business challenges and long-term goals. As an analytics tool, business dashboards allow users to stay in control of their work processes and performances. From simple data tracking tools to advanced business intelligence solutions, there are a variety of business dashboards available in the market. However, in order to discern which kind of dashboard is perfect for your company, here are three things you should know which a business dashboard must have if you want to monitor critical business metrics and analyze your company’s data:

  • Opt for a single platform approach

Instead of spending half your day going back and forth between several websites and logging into many accounts, a comprehensive dashboard like Vizdum will enable you to monitor data coming from all your data sources on a single dashboard, making it easy for you to analyze and make sense of the varied data.

  • Track all your business and marketing efforts

A one-stop-shop like a marketing or social media dashboard will enable you to easily monitor all your marketing campaigns and social media performance on a single platform. This way you will be able to track performance from your all social media and marketing sources in a single place and visibly monitor forecasts and trends, staying ahead of competition.

  • Fully customizable and 100% secure dashboard

Business dashboards must be fully customizable so that users are able to add widgets to make better sense of their data. By being able to pull data from traffic sources and viewing them as appealing and easy to understand graphics in real time on a 100% secure cloud, you will be able to efficiently monitor business data from behind firewalls and proxies.


Vizdum’s Business Dashboards let you see the Bigger Picture

You will be able to oversee every aspect of your business on a single platform. Vizdum lets you connect all your marketing, social media, analytics and other critical business traffic sources on one robust platform by using pre-built widgets for monitoring imperative business KPIs. You can easily keep track of your business projects, marketing campaigns, social media performance and even financial KPIs in real time with Vizdum’s business dashboards because they offer:

  • Simplified and easy setup in the shortest time
  • Unique drag and drop features for monitoring KPIs in real-time
  • Easy integration to track and monitor data from all traffic sources
  • Cost effective cloud-based hosted solutions with flexible APIs
  • Customize your dashboard with a variety of widgets
  • Set various levels of permissions and limit access for users of choice
  • Self hosted dashboard solutions with 100% privacy and security

When your business expands, so does your data and it becomes hard to analyze a plethora of complex business metrics when they are coming in from everywhere. A business dashboard will enable you to stay on top of your business KPIs coming in from a multitude of platforms in real time.